Sometimes our pets do things that we may not understand. This was certainly the case for 6 year old dog Bentley, who ate a pair of socks. Bentley’s owners brought him to All Pet Care after he had already passed one sock in his stool, but was still straining to go to the bathroom.
Bentley was kept in the hospital on fluids to hydrate him in hopes that he would pass the second sock on his own. In the case that a pet eats a foreign body, there is a fine line between waiting for the object to pass and having to do surgery on the pet to get whatever the object is out. If we wait too long, the pet will become dehydrated, may stop eating and drinking, may start vomiting, or the obstruction can cause necrosis or dying off of the tissue at the site of the blockage. In Bentley’s case, the socks were small enough and pliable enough for his body to pass. If he were a smaller dog, had eaten more or any number of variables, he may have needed surgery.
If surgery is needed on these pets, it is called an abdominal exploratory, meaning the doctor opens the abdomen in search of the object depending on where it is stuck, sometimes in the stomach or intestines. In the case of ingestion of a sharp object, the doctor will also look for any signs of puncturing or bleeding inside the abdomen as well. It is a delicate and timely surgical process to make sure that whatever the object is has not affected the body too much.
Luckily for Bentley, the wait paid off. Bentley passed the second sock in his stool after his owners took him home. Perhaps, Bentley will have learned his lesson, or like many other dogs the temptation to eat that smelly sock will be too great! Whatever the case, we will be here to help!

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