Our hospital prides itself on our use of as many all natural methods as possible to help pets live their best. We provide many different products as supplementation for everyday use, as well as specialized products for particular diagnoses. One line of products we carry helps with both of these, VetriScience, a health supplement line of products for cats and dogs.

Vetriscience is line of products we stand behind and often recommend for our patients. These products are both developed specifically for veterinary use and tested for safety and efficacy.

Some of their everyday products that help with many pets include Periosupport powder which helps prevent dental disease, Composure chews to help pets that are stressed, DEVCOR + Mobility to help with joint health, Dermastrength chews for skin support, among others. We also carry other supplements for specific issues, Vetri Liver for liver health, Bladder Strength chews for urinary issues, Arabinogalactin powder for those pets with anal gland issues, and more.

Ask our staff today what products would be best for your pet.

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Our hospital prides itself on using as many tools as possible to help our patients get back to prime health. Our use of Chinese Herbs can help pets without the worry of long lasting side effects. Herbal medicine is generally seen as a safe alternative to medications which can be harsh on some of the organs of the body, such as the liver and kidneys. Chinese herbs are used to both supplement nutrition and balance out the body in order to improve any issues or pain. They also contain natural ingredients that wild animals search for in nature to help heal themselves, such as roots or herbs.

The Chinese Herbs we use are from Dr. Huisheng Xie’s Jing Tang veterinary Chinese herbal medicines. These medications are specially formulated for pets large and small and are used for a wide variety of diagnoses. Some of the formulas include Tendon/Ligament formula to help animals with mobility, Happy Earth which is used with gastrointestinal issues such as vomiting or diarrhea, Shen Calmer which is for anxiety, and External Wind which is mainly used for skin conditions such as skin allergies. The formula chosen for any pet is based on one of our veterinarian’s evaluation of your pet, their body type, and the herbal medication that is best for them.

Any further questions about Chinese medicine, Chinese Herbal Medicine, or to schedule a consult today call our office and speak with one of our staff members.

Therapeutic Laser (K-Laser)

Our Therapeutic Laser, k-laser, system helps in many other cases for our clients including arthritis, pain management, burns, muscle pain, post surgery recovery and much more. The laser system works with specific wavelengths of light by increasing circulation, drawing nutrients to the affected area, and reducing pain, swelling, inflammation, and stiffness. Most clients see great improvement in their pets almost immediately, while some need just a few treatments. For our surgery patients, there is an easier recovery from pain. There is no pain with the k-laser, only the occasional warmth felt from the laser light. The k-laser has helped many pets feel better and given them less worry about coming to our clinic after surgery!

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