Every other Saturday, there are a couple of very familiar faces found at All Pet Care Hospital, an 8 year old Rottweiler Maggie and her ”mom” Tracey. Maggie doesn’t mind coming in to the vet so often because her appointments are not ‘regular’ vet visits, but instead are for therapeutic K-laser treatment for her joints. She calmly lies on her mom’s purple yoga mat while she gets treatments on her back, hips, and knees, listening to the nurse and her mom talk about her progress.

Our k-laser system helps in multiple cases for our clients, including arthritis, pain management, burns, muscle pain, and much more. The laser system works with specific wavelengths of light by increasing circulation, drawing nutrients to the affected area, and reducing pain, swelling, inflammation, and stiffness. Most clients see great improvement in their pets almost immediately, while some need just a few treatments. There is no pain with the k-laser, only the occasional warmth felt from the laser light. The k-laser has helped many pets feel better and get back to their lives of playing, jumping and walking!

For Maggie, the laser means getting back to walking along the marina, chasing her squeaky toys, playing with her two feline friends, and meeting any new friends who may come along!

Maggie’s issues started when she was fairly young. Maggie had two different knee surgeries only a couple years apart, and has had issues with her joints ever since. While Maggie is on a number of medications for her arthritis and also diabetes, one of the biggest improvements has been with the therapeutic laser. With her diabetes, Tracey does not want to give Maggie too many medications, so trying the k-laser seemed like a better option. After just 4 or 5 treatments, Maggie’s movement improved!

Tracey has a lot of praise to give for the k-laser, “I have often said I wonder what shape she would be in if she was not getting laser therapy. Having laser allows me to not have to give her as much medication, which is hard on her system, especially since she is diabetic. She has been a difficult to regulate diabetic dog and we discovered the better her pain was managed, the better her blood glucose numbers were. This is another added “bonus” of the laser therapy. Of course she has her good and bad days, but overall she is doing pretty well all things considered. Spending the money on laser is well worth it if it gives her a better quality of life, which I believe it has.”

If you have any questions regarding our k-laser, give us a call or come on in and discuss with the doctor if therapeutic laser is right for your pet!

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