In veterinary medicine, sometimes the most interesting cases come from our own pets. The curious sight of a cat in a diaper might have you thinking a small child was trying to dress up their “baby,” but in fact it is common place for Dr. Jammie Lynn Rixford’s cat Tuffy.

Tuffy is an adorable 8 year old red tabby that was inherited by Dr. Rixford in July of 2013 after his original owner went into hospice after being diagnosed with a terminal illness. The family of Tuffy’s original owner could not take care of him, and Dr. Rixford gladly accepted Tuffy into her home. He loves to snuggle and is the “ultimate lap cat,” says Dr. Rixford. He also loves to play escape artist, so if you see a cat wearing a diaper outside, try calling Dr. Rixford!

The reason Tuffy wears a diaper? His tail was amputated due to injury and there was neurologic damage to his hind end after the amputation. He is partially incontinent, meaning he can’t push out his poop properly. Tuffy is on Gastrointestinal (GI) Fiber Response food from Royal Canin to help with his incontinence and “loves to eat.” Dr. Rixford describes Tuffy before as “leaking a lot” from his back end, but the food has helped keep that to a minimum. The diapers also help keep Dr. Rixford’s house clean… as long as Tuffy keeps them on!

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