Stitches might not seem like a name someone would give a tiny kitten, but it fits this little tabby girl more than you might imagine. Stitches was brought to All Pet Care before she even had a name, and before her family knew if they would be able to keep her. They found her on the ground after possibly being run over by a car. They knew she was hurt, and could see blood coming from her mouth, so they rushed to the hospital to see if anything could be done to help her.

When Dr. Rixford did her exam, she noticed that the skin on Stitches chin had been torn off, or “degloved,” meaning that skin is torn away from the tissue underneath. Luckily for Stitches, the skin had only opened, instead of being completely taken off, so Dr. Rixford sutured the skin back on Stitches chin.
The procedure went well for the scared little kitten. She had to have an e-collar (cone collar) on to keep from scratching at her mouth, and her family took her home with antibiotics to keep infection from setting in, as well as pain medication. Stitches was back to being a normal little kitten in no time. She has since grown from the one and a half pound peanut that first came in. She even has a brother now, named Tano, who is just a couple weeks younger than her!

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